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Popular Movie Cars

‌‌I have three kids. Boys, aged 12,11 and 8. They like a whole bunch of stuff. I’m not sure they have thought of their futures beyond what might be for dinner this evening and it would be nice if they had something resembling a plan or a dream. The middle boy is the wildest boy. He can draw. Maybe he’ll take that ability and combine it with his satirical sense of humor and push-the-boundaries personality and become a graphic designer. Or a car designer.

How Junking a Car Benefits the Planet

‌Unfortunately, as well as we maintain them, cars do not last forever. Eventually they drive their final mile, and at that point, we have to look for a replacement. Whenever you come to that realization, that your car is too old or too damaged to repair it and drive safely on the road, the best decision for both you and the planet is to consider it a junk car. Give it to professionals that will be able to break down and repurpose it in the most responsible way.

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